The Best and Second Best Rated Casinos

The Best and Second Best Rated Casinos

When it comes to being the best online casinos in the business, there is probably one component that makes all the difference between being “The Best” and “Second Best”. It is something we know about all too well, and it’s called Customer Service. In the world of online gambling, the software makers run the show. There are actually only a handful of software providers who could be fairly called the best in the business.

These casino software makers then lease their gaming platforms to other companies who then brand an online casino. At this stage, all casinos are playing on an equal level, for the games, graphics and playing interface are all the same. Spin palace service then, is what makes the difference between two online casinos using the same software platform. Of course, there are other factors such as the speed of payouts and bonus offers, which are very important considerations as well.

However, great customer service is far more worthwhile in the long run. Besides, many factors – like the speed of payouts – are direct reflections of casino management.

Therefore, it is very important that you put all online casinos that you are thinking about joining to the test. Do this by calling and e-mailing customer service and asking them a few simple questions. This will not only reflect on their friendliness and competence, but will show how responsive they are to your question. Also, take some time visiting player forums and getting feedback from other players. Look for unbiased comments that reflect well on casinos you are considering joining.

High Casino Stakes Raised for VIP Players at 888

888, which is one of the largest online casino sites operating on the Net, has announced they have raised their online stake limits to twice as much their previous limit. Also including their sister sites like as Online-Casino, players can now put down more money in hopes of getting a even better return. The news was announced in a press release, and only applies to VIP members of 888’s casino network. The new stakes are up to $1,000 per hand, with the bet per spot limit on online roulette doubling to $400.

Although the new stake limits do not apply to online keno, video poker, and online slots, gamblers can put the money down at craps, blackjack, roulette and baccarat. All in all, the new stakes gives high rollers even better odds on their return, which makes this a pretty big deal for those who have large bankrolls to begin with.

888’s Promotions Manager, Mike Herea, commented that the move to increase stakes for VIP players resulted from increased requests by VIP players who wanted to bet more money on a single wager. He went on to say that 888 online casino has always made it a top priority to listen to their customers and take heed of all their suggestions.

Along with higher bets, the casino and poker games are going on round the clock with tournament action as usual. Currently, there are thousands of registered account holders between 888 and online-casino. The VIP Player Comp Program is in effect at both sites and is only available to players who have met the minimum requirements, which include having acquired over 150,000 Bonus Points and making a net deposit of at least $5,000.