Sky City Casinos in Australia Could Still go to Tabcorp

Sky City Casinos in Australia Could Still go to Tabcorp

The Australian casino gambling scene is undergoing some very large shifts, which in the grand scheme of things is strengthening the industry and producing some substantial heavyweight casino operators. The greater the mergers and consolidation within a particular industry, the greater that industry is growing and expanding to meet increased demand. Gambling execs are now speculating on the strong possibility of Tabcorp buying out Sky City Entertainment.

Following the merger last week between two very large Australian casino gaming operators – Unitab and Tattersall’s – all eyes turned on Tabcorp when Sky City Entertainment made it known shortly thereafter the company was open to the possibility of being bought out. Being the largest and most successful gambling conglomerate in Australia for some time now, the merger between Unitab and Tattersall’s will very easily create a focused source of competition for Tabcorp, which could only keep building stronger if Tabcorp does not seek out a growth strategy of their own.

Tabcorp has confirmed that a takeover bid for Sky City is not out of the question, although the company’s top priority was to renew its casino wagering and gaming license, which potentially could be a tricky matter considering the notorious touchiness of Australian gambling regulators. As for Sky City Entertainment, all of their casinos in Queensland, Darwin, Adelaide and Auckland continue to operate as usual, while word of the news that Tabcorp may be thinking about a bid caused Sky City’s shares to jump 13 cents to $4.50 per share.

“Turkey Wages War on Internet Gaming ”

Controversy surrounding online gambling is not new to Turkey. The Turkish parliament added new regulation for lotteries to its agenda in recent times, along with pressures to focus on gambling. Assembling a team of specialists joined by members of the Turkish Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Treasury, the government has recently announced its intentions to prevent Turkish citizens from frequenting offshore gambling sites. However legislation will not affect the gambling sites themselves since the majority of them are based outside Turkey.

In a motion put forward to Turkey’s Interior Minister Abdulkadir Aksu, the deputy of the Justice and Development Party (AKU) Ertugrul Yalcinbayir wrote: “Thirty gambling sites are available for the Turkish people. What is the economic size of online and other kinds of gambling in Turkey? What means do we have to prevent our people from gambling? Does Turkey have the power to prevent online gambling?”

With pressure to make offshore gambling sites inaccessible for Turkish residents, the Interior Ministry responded to Yalcinbayir’s motion reiterating the illegal nature of lotteries and online gaming sites.

Aksu also responded that further directives are being implemented to combat online gambling, with the government investigating what legal measures can be brought to bear on offshore gaming operators.

Currently the Interior Ministry has conceded that there is little the Turkish government can do to close down gambling sites located outside Turkey, but that they are doing everything possible to prevent those sites being made available to Turkish residents.