Pokerzone’s Flagship Makes Northern Breakthrough

Pokerzone s Flagship Makes Northern Breakthrough

Following a recent accord that will see the show broadcasted into over 6 million homes, Scandinavian poker fans who are linked up to the Viasat Channel “Quiz Nation” can look forward with expectation to Pokerzone’s popular “Poker Night Live” every night from 11pm to 4 am.

Poker Night Live states that it is the primary programme to combine live internet action with television output. This is where expert presenters and guests make comments as viewers are playing live over the channel within the comfort of their own homes through the use of the internet.

Since pokerzone’s launch in April, the show has grown in popularity and now reaches on the average, in the neighborhood of 200 000 unique viewers a week. The show features the recently launched multi-table tournaments with over 100 people playing simultaneously as well as a variety of cash games, and single table tournaments.

in an attempt to meet public requests for the development of poker skills, Pokerzone has moved into Scandinavian, European and Canadian markets.

Jim Sibcy, Pokerzone’s Managing Director says that now is a great time for Pokerzone and that the entrance into Scandinavia is an obvious progression from this. The company, according to Sibcy, hopes to witness the same success for Poker Night Live in Europe as it has had in the UK. He also reports that he is certain that they will.

Sam Orams, Pokerzone’s creative director has said that the Scandinavian version of the show will employ Scandinavian presenters so as to create a programme that really includes the audience.

Vegas Partner Lounge Acquires More Casinos

A large merger took place this week in the online gambling industry. The Golden Riviera Casino Group has been acquired by Vegas Partner Lounge in a merger that includes the acquisition of six online casinos by Vegas Partner. The casinos are Golden Riviera Casino, Golden Riviera Poker, Slots Royale, Miami Paradise, Casino France Net, and the River Nile Casino. All six casinos have excellent reputations as being reputable and professional gambling destinations.

Now, Vegas Partner Lounge, who incidentally happens to operate Sun Vegas Casino, and is one of the most respected internet betting operators on the Web, is managing this fine group established by the Golden Riviera Team.

According to a Vegas Partner Lounge spokesperson, the casinos created by Golden Riviera each have their own individual style, which the company wants to maintain and preserve. As Vegas Partner has no intention of becoming the biggest recognizable gaming operator in the industry, they would rather operate profitable casinos offering a personal touch and unique style.

There is no word on exactly what will become of the employees of Golden Riviera, although it is assumed they will move under management of the Golden Riviera Group to insure a smooth transition. By doing so, the company keeps to its promise of maintaining the current services offered by the Golden Riviera Casinos.