Murdoch Descendent Talks About Media For Gambling

Murdoch Descendent Talks About Media For Gambling

The lately appointed chief executive of the UK satellite TV company BSkyB and PBL, James Murdoch, reported this week to London bookmakers that both TV and gambling are destined to become powerful synergistic forces in the not so distant future.

Appearing at a Bookies Banquet, Murdoch provide himself to be a great guest speaker. The banquet was organised by Orbis. Murdoch told an appreciative audience that his group had not been prepared for the positive response that occurred, to its Sky Vegas Live channel. He said that in spite of the fact that the audience was only between 2,000 and 10,000, they have received evidence that interactive TV and gambling are destined to become a very powerful force in the future.

The Sky Vegas Channel was launched last year. It features keno programming and virtual racing, but doctor Nick Rust is of the opinion that the inclusion of interactive television along with gaming is both powerful and only just beginning to impress itself on the consciousness of players and businessmen alike.

Rust predicted that the time for the appearance of a properly interactive poker channel is not far off. He said that during the last week of February, as example, there were as many as 11 channels in the UK that featured poker in its content. He observed however, that all of these channels were showing poker in fairly well the same way. With UK regulations now under consultation, this could soon see a rapid change, when interactive television changes the fashion by which many people gamble, according to Rust.

River Rock Casino Wraps up $2 Million Poker Tournament

Premiere Canadian gambling destination, River Rock Casino, has wrapped up another high stakes poker tournament last week, culminating in a $2 million jackpot. The No Limit Texas Hold’em tournament took thirty-two hours to finalize, after which, Canadian player, David Ross White, arose from the stacks of chips and was crowned as the victor. White, who is from Abbotsford, British Columbia, took home the grand jackpot of $600,000 and a wrist watch more expensive than most cars.

White said he was feeling exhilarated after being declared the winner. He said he plans to pay off some debt and take a long holiday vacation with some of his jackpot. White’s closest competitor was second place finisher, Derrick Law, who pocketed a nice $290,000 to take back to his residence in Yukon, Alaska. Other players came from all over Canada, and as far as Florida, Texas, Nevada and California, including poker professionals, Johnny Chan, Gavin Smith, and Brad Booth.

British Columbia’s Vice President of Casino Gaming, Brian Lynch, said the overall response of players wishing to participate in the No Limit Texas Hold’em tournament was “remarkable”, not to mention the large turnout of spectators to watch the tournament unfold at River Rock Casino, which is conveniently located within driving distance from Vancouver International Airport. The casino is definitely starting to make a name for itself as a premiere host for high stakes poker tournaments. So long as the prize pools stay in the millions, poker circuit pros will be attracted and the fans will come out to watch.