Casinos in Pennsylvania Offer More Ways to Earn Money

Casinos in Pennsylvania Offer More Ways to Earn Money

Pennsylvania officials were impressed by a substantial and enthusiastic turnout at a rally in support of the building of a new casino in Pennsylvania and arena in the area of the Hill district, granted it doesn’t have quite the same effect when individuals are all paid to be there.

A group that was created by the casino company, Isle of Capri Casinos, and the sports team, the Pittsburgh Penguins, to encourage support for the construction of a new Pennsylvania casino and sporting facility in the Lower Hill area (which would benefit both groups), has been linked to paying members of the public in order to attend a rally.

The problem is that only some of the people were given the money that they were promised. The casino group recruited people from the surrounding public housing complex and promised each would receive fifteen dollars in compensation for their time. But as the situation unfolded, there was only a portion of people who got what they were promised in supporting the casino development

The whole situation seemed to be poorly planned as the casino personnel who was designated to give the people their share ended up only receiving a portion of the money needed to cover the amount of people recruited. What further upset the residents was that some of the people were paid while some only got ten dollars and some even still got no compensation at all.

Apparently, the practice of paying for public support is not illegal in Pennsylvania, but it does not seem to have the same effect as support that is not financially solicited.

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