June 2 – June 6: IWAS Athletics European Open

The international association IWAS has decided to let Stadskanaal organize the European Open 2010! This competition is a part of the IWAS series 2010. The event will take place from June 2 until June 4, with a great finale on the 6th of June 2010! Handicapped athletes from all over the world will come to Stadskanaal to participate in this great event.

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There is a wonderful competition scheme for the participating athletes.
The European Open is on the international calendar among a few other important IWAS series- competitions:

May 29 and 30: IPC Dutch Open Emmen
(35 km away from Stadskanaal)
June 2 -6: IWAS Athletisch European Open
June 9: IWAS ITF Meeting Leverkusen
(240 km away from Stadskanaal)
June 11 -13: IPC German Open Bottrop
(200 km away from Stadskanaal)

It is possible to compete at four international IWAS competitions in two weeks!

We as ‘Stichting IWAS Games’ we are looking forward to this great event! On this website you can find all the information about the European Open. If you have any questions, please send dus an email to info@iwas-games.nl or contact us through our contact page.